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10 Best SQL Editors Of 2022 & How To Choose The Right One

As a tester, you may not necessarily need exceptional SQL skills, but you may still come across SQL code when performing database testing. In this article, I’ll go through some of the best SQL editors on the market and what they’re best for.

There is a wide range of SQL editors out there just waiting to be downloaded, so how do you know which one to go with? 

Quickly Compare & Evaluate The 10 Best SQL Editors

In this post, I’ll give you a rundown of the best SQL editors that data administrators and web developers use to perform SQL queries and manage data.

The Best SQL Editors List

Here’s a shortlist of the best SQL editors:

  1. DbVisualizer
  2. Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS)
  3. SQLGate
  4. Postico
  5. PopSQL
  6. Adminer Editor
  7. Valentina
  8. DBeaver
  9. SQuirrel SQL
  10. HeidiSQL

SQL Editor FAQ

  • What does an SQL editor do?
    • An SQL editor allows SQL queries to be performed. In short, it creates a way for managing and manipulating data in the database.
  • Who uses an SQL editor?
    • Data administrators and web developers.

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Overviews Of The SQL Editor Softwares

Here’s a brief description of each of the SQL editor software that are featured on this top 10 list.

1. DbVisualizer – Universal database tool for developers, analysts, and DBAs + runs on all major OSes

The DbVisualizer UI is displayed in both dark and light mode.

DbVisualizer is the universal database tool used by developers, analysts, and database admins all over the world. It gives database professionals the tools they need to build, manage and maintain state-of-the-art database technologies.

DbVisualizer comes with features that enable you to visually create and manage databases and generate SQL code by drag-and-drop and copy/paste it into other applications. The advanced SQL editor allows the user to write and run queries that speed up their coding and reduce errors with features such as auto-completion and syntax/error highlighting. The user may browse and administer database objects such as tables, procedures, functions, and triggers.

The software officially supports 28 of the major data sources, but any database that can be accessed with a JDBC driver can be used with DbVisualizer.

The software is competitively priced with the cost of a perpetual license being $197/user/year. License renewal is available at a much lower cost, $69, for those who wish to have access to continuous support and software upgrades. A volume discount kicks in at 4+ licenses and discounts are offered to educational institutions, non-profits, and start-ups. Students and teachers may enjoy the Pro features for free. A Free version is also offered, with a limited feature set.

2. Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS)

Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS) Screenshot
Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio allows users to create and edit SQL queries and manage databases.

3. SQLGate

SQLGate Screenshot
SQLGate can be customized for and used with several different types of databases.

4. Postico

Postico Screenshot
Postico is intended for Mac users working with PostgreSQL databases.

5. PopSQL

PopSQL Screenshot
PopSQL enables teams to work together on writing and editing SQL queries, as well as share queries with other team members.

6. Adminer Editor

Adminer Editor Screenshot
Adminer Editor is part of the larger Adminer database management software, which allows users to create databases and edit data.

7. Valentina

Valentina Screenshot
Along with the ability to create and edit SQL queries, Valentina also allows users to create visual reports for data.

8. DBeaver

DBeaver Screenshot
DBeaver is a free and open-source option for an SQL editor.

9. SQuirrel SQL

SQuirrel SQL Screenshot
SQuirrel SQL allows users to edit SQL queries, and it offers additional features such as syntax highlighting and code completion.

10. HeidiSQL

HeidiSQL Screenshot
Users can manage, create, and administrate databases and SQL queries.

Other SQL Editor Options

Here are a few more that didn’t make the top list. If you need additional suggestions for handy SQL editor tools, check these out.

  1. dbForge Studio for PostgreSQL
  2. DataGrip
  3. Periscope Data
  4. Altova
  5. Aqua Data Studio for PostgreSQL

Looking for other specific tools? Check out these resources:

What Do You Think About These SQL Editors?

Have you tried out any SQL editor software listed above? If we left out your favorite SQL editor, comment with your ideas below to share with the rest of our QA community.


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