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About The QA Lead


About The QA Lead

The QA Lead is a community for anyone with a passion for making things work properly (and breaking them too!). We’re the Guardians of Bug-Free Galaxies.

We produce a podcast and articles to help software testers innovate and move forward in their careers.

Whether you’re already a QA Lead, or you’re just starting out as a QA Tester, this is a place to connect with your fellow Bug Brigade; to be inspired, equipped, and to connect with those who are shaping the future of quality assurance.

Our Vision For The QA Lead

Welcome to the The QA Lead – a professional development platform for everything you need to know about building and managing a world-class testing team. Whether you’re just starting out or you’re a seasoned pro, you’ve come to the pixel-perfect place!

The world of QA is evolving rapidly. We’ll bring you the latest and greatest in quality assurance – news, issues, debates, tools, and emerging best practices. Join us in creating and empowering a community of QA practitioners to contribute to the evolving playbook of QA, sharing expertise and learning from one another.

Discover with us how to lead QA teams and do web and software QA better. We’re the Sultans of Software Stability, exploring the latest and best of automation and testing including web, mobile, database, web services, cross-browser, big data, data-driven, and regression test automation. Find the tips, tricks, how-to guides, and tools you need to build your QA team and banish the bugs!

We use our knowledge and reputation to source the highest quality content to inform, inspire and provoke new thinking in QA. We cover the most pertinent topics that quality assurance professionals want and need to know about.

Working with the most respected and prominent thought leaders in the sector, we create value adding content that our readers and followers know they can rely on to aid their professional development, decision making and best practice.

Because quality matters.

The QA Lead was founded in 2019, by Jonathon Wright, and Ben Aston founder of Black & White Zebra.

Jonathon Wright hosts The QA Lead podcast, drawing from 20 years of experience working in DevOps, intelligent automation, and emerging technologies with worldwide organizations including Digital Assured, CA Technologies, Hitachi, Deutsche Bank, and Thomson Reuters as a launching point to explore the latest and best quality assurance approaches with other top QA players. 

Want To Advertise To QA Practitioners?

In the buoyant quality assurance marketplace, The QA Lead provides the most targeted and cost-effective media on the market, equipping our advertisers to promote to senior decision makers involved in quality assurance.

We work strategically with our advertisers to ensure that their activities achieve maximum reach and impact through a rich variety of promotional packages – all of which can be tailored to your specific campaign objectives.

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Write For The QA Lead Audience

We welcome editorial contributions for consideration. Pitches, synopses, and speculative articles can be sent to the Editor –