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In this review I’m going to share my analysis and evaluation from my hands-on experience with Crosscheck Networks SOAPSonar. You probably already know Crosscheck Networks SOAPSonar is among the most popular API test automation tools out there, but you need to better understand what’s good, and not so good about it. This in-depth Crosscheck Networks SOAPSonar review will walk you through pros and cons, features and functionality, to help guide you to better understand its capabilities and suitability for your needs.

Crosscheck Networks SOAPSonar Software Product Overview

Crosscheck Networks SOAPSonar is a dedicated software tool designed to test SOAP and REST-based web services. Developers and QA testers primarily use it to ensure the reliability and security of their APIs.

This tool offers users the benefit of enhanced security testing with command-line or automated vulnerability scans, addressing the common pain points of potential data breaches and inconsistencies in API functionality.

Among its best features, you'll find its detailed performance metrics and comprehensive software testing scope, which cover the broad spectrum of functional, compliance, and multi-client performance testing.


  • Security: Crosscheck Networks SOAPSonar prioritizes vulnerability assessments, helping users identify and mitigate potential security threats in their APIs.
  • Metrics Depth: The software provides detailed performance analytics, granting developers clear insight into their APIs' operational metrics.
  • Comprehensive SOA Testing: SOAPSonar covers an extensive range of tests, from functional to compliance, catering to a developer's every need. You are able to create WSDL test groups, as well as a multitude of test end-case types, such as SOAP messages, XML, or REST.


  • Learning Curve: New users might find the interface a bit complex, especially when compared to some simpler tools in the market.
  • Integration Limitations: SOAPSonar has certain constraints when it comes to integrating with other tools or platforms.
  • Interface Aesthetics: Visually, its user interface might feel outdated compared to some contemporary API testing tools.

Expert Opinion

Having spent significant time with API testing tools, my take on Crosscheck Networks SOAPSonar for Microsoft Windows is largely positive. In terms of features, it certainly holds its ground, especially when we talk about the depth of metrics and the spectrum of tests it offers.

However, when judging its interface and integration capabilities, it doesn't outshine every competitor. Determining whether it's the right fit largely hinges on what you prioritize. If security and comprehensive testing stand out for you, this tool is commendable.

Yet, for those seeking sleeker interfaces or broader integration capabilities, there are other tools to consider. In my opinion, Crosscheck Networks SOAPSonar fits best in environments where security and in-depth analytics are paramount. It’s a powerful software utility designed to conduct QA tests, with support for a wide variety of message standards, including SOAP, HTML, and XML

Crosscheck Networks SOAPSonar: The Bottom Line

What sets Crosscheck Networks SOAPSonar apart in a sea of similar software is its emphasis on vulnerability assessment and the depth of its performance metrics.

While many tools offer functional testing, few dive as deep into security as SOAPSonar. Its commitment to a comprehensive testing scope ensures that developers don't just get a tool, but a partner in fortifying their APIs.

Among its most noteworthy features, the detailed analytics and robust security tests truly stand out, helping users not only monitor but also optimize their web services' performance and security.

Crosscheck Networks SOAPSonar Deep Dive

Product Specifications

  1. Functional Testing - Yes
  2. Load Testing - Yes
  3. Security Testing - Yes
  4. Mock Services - No
  5. Test Data Generation - Yes
  6. Test Reporting - Yes
  7. Test Scripting - Yes
  8. API Monitoring - No
  9. Test Automation - Yes
  10. CI/CD Integration - Yes
  11. Parallel Execution - No
  12. Web UI Testing - No
  13. Reusability of Test Cases - Yes
  14. Test Result History - Yes
  15. Test Debugging - Yes
  16. Multi-Environment Testing - Yes
  17. API Coverage - Yes
  18. Test Maintenance - Yes
  19. Data-Driven Testing - Yes
  20. Custom Assertions - Yes
  21. Multiple Protocol Support - Yes
  22. Third-Party Integration - No
  23. Service Virtualization - No
  24. Built-in Test Repository - Yes.

Crosscheck Networks SOAPSonar Feature Overview

  1. Functional Testing: SOAPSonar allows precise service testing of API functionality, ensuring each function works as intended.
  2. Security Testing: With its robust vulnerability scans, it ensures the APIs are resistant to breaches and attacks.
  3. Load Testing: It can handle tests to evaluate how the API copes under stress or high traffic.
  4. Test Data Generation: Helps users generate realistic test data for comprehensive testing.
  5. Test Scripting: Provides flexibility to script tests tailored to specific requirements.
  6. Test Reporting: Offers in-depth reports that shed light on test outcomes and areas of improvement.
  7. Test Automation: Reduces manual effort by automating repetitive tests, ensuring consistency.
  8. CI/CD Integration: SOAPSonar supports continuous integration and continuous deployment, promoting agile workflows.
  9. Data-Driven Testing: This allows testing with different input values to assess varying outputs.
  10. API Coverage: Ensures that all parts of the API are tested comprehensively, leaving no stone unturned.

Standout Functionality

  1. Security Emphasis: Unlike many API testing tools, SOAPSonar has a heavy focus on vulnerability assessment.
  2. Detailed Test Reporting: The depth of analytics provided after tests is noteworthy.
  3. Comprehensive Testing Spectrum: It offers a broad range of tests, including functional, performance, and compliance.


SOAPSonar provides limited third-party integrations. They do have an API, which can be utilized for custom integrations or for expanding testing capabilities. However, specific add-ons or extensions to enhance the testing platform are not prominently marketed.

Crosscheck Networks SOAPSonar Pricing

  • Starter Edition - $21/2 virtual users/month: Starter Edition provides API testing capabilities at reduced pricing for customers who don’t require the full functionality of SOAPSonar Enterprise Editions.
  • Enterprise Edition - Pricing upon request: Enterprise Editions provide comprehensive testing features across functional, automation, performance, and security testing.   Editions include Enterprise Standard, Enterprise Professional, and Enterprise Server.  

Ease of Use

Navigating SOAPSonar takes a bit of familiarity, especially for those new to API testing. Its interface, while functional, might not be as intuitive as some other modern tools. The onboarding process offers a reasonable learning curve, but there's room for improvement in terms of guiding users through the functionalities.

Customer Support

SOAPSonar provides a standard range of support channels. They offer documentation which is comprehensive, but some users have expressed the desire for more interactive resources like webinars or tutorials. Response times can vary, with peak times leading to slower feedback.

Crosscheck Networks SOAPSonar Use Case

Who would be a good fit for Crosscheck Networks SOAPSonar?

In my experience, SOAPSonar resonates best with medium to large enterprises, especially those with a strong focus on API security. The tool is particularly appreciated in industries where data protection is paramount. Teams prioritizing in-depth analytics also find significant value in SOAPSonar.

Who would be a bad fit for Crosscheck Networks SOAPSonar?

Startups or small teams might find SOAPSonar overwhelming or more than they need. Companies seeking extensive third-party integrations might feel restricted. Some users, especially those new to API testing, have found the learning curve steeper than with other tools.

Crosscheck Networks SOAPSonar FAQs

What is Crosscheck Networks SOAPSonar primarily used for?

Crosscheck Networks SOAPSonar is primarily used for comprehensive API testing, allowing users to validate functionality, load performance, and security measures.

Does SOAPSonar support both SOAP and REST API testing?

Yes, Crosscheck Networks SOAPSonar supports testing for both SOAP and RESTful web applications.

Can I integrate SOAPSonar with my CI/CD pipeline?

Yes, SOAPSonar offers CI/CD integration capabilities, making it suitable for continuous testing within modern development environments.

How does SOAPSonar's security testing features compare to other tools?

SOAPSonar places a strong emphasis on security, offering robust features for vulnerability scanning and security assertion testing, which are designed to identify potential weaknesses in APIs.

Does SOAPSonar provide any reporting or analytics features?

Yes, SOAPSonar provides detailed test reporting capabilities, allowing teams to gain insights into test results, failures, and performance metrics.

Can SOAPSonar handle large-scale load testing?

Yes, SOAPSonar is capable of simulating thousands of simultaneous users for an API's performance validation under heavy load conditions.

Are there training resources available for new SOAPSonar users?

Crosscheck Networks offers a range of resources, including documentation, webinars, and tutorials, to help users get the most out of SOAPSonar.

Is there a community or forum for SOAPSonar users to share insights and ask questions?

While Crosscheck Networks provides official support channels, many users also turn to online communities, forums, and user groups to discuss best practices, share experiences, and seek advice on SOAPSonar.

Alternatives to Crosscheck Networks SOAPSonar

  • Postman: Known for its user-friendly interface, making API testing intuitive for beginners.
  • SoapUI: Offers extensive support for both SOAP and REST APIs.
  • Katalon Studio: Provides a seamless combination of UI and API testing.

If you're still unsure which alternative to choose, check out other Crosscheck Networks SOAPSonar API testing software alternatives.

Crosscheck Networks SOAPSonar Company Overview & History

Crosscheck Networks specializes in ensuring the reliability and security of business-to-business interactions. Recognized globally, various enterprises trust their solutions.

They are a private entity, headquartered in Boston. The mission statement revolves around securing and streamlining business processes via reliable API testing tools.

Over the years, they have consistently evolved, incorporating advanced testing methodologies to serve businesses better.


After a thorough examination of Crosscheck Networks SOAPSonar, it's evident that its strength lies in security testing, detailed analytics, and a comprehensive testing scope.

Potential users need to weigh its strong points against the limitations in integrations and ease of use.

I invite everyone to share their experiences and insights on SOAPSonar to enrich this discussion further.

Paulo Gardini Miguel
By Paulo Gardini Miguel

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