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In this review I’m going to share my analysis and evaluation from my hands-on experience with Appsurify TestBrain. But first, if you’re just beginning your search for the best test management solutions, check out my pick of the best test management tools. You probably already know Appsurify TestBrain is among the most popular test management products out there, but you need to better understand what’s good, and not so good about it. This in-depth Appsurify TestBrain review will walk you through pros and cons, features and functionality, to help guide you to better understand its capabilities and suitability for your needs.

Appsurify TestBrain RiskMap Dashboard View
I love how Appsurify TestBrain's RiskMap interface highlights code commits and impact.

Appsurify TestBrain Software Product Overview

Appsurify TestBrain is a specialized software testing tool that automates and optimizes the testing process. Its primary users are software developers and QA teams seeking efficient testing solutions. The software offers significant time savings by intelligently prioritizing test cases based on risk and recent code changes.

TestBrain addresses key pain points such as lengthy test cycles, identifying high-risk changes, and reducing false positives in automated testing. Its best features include AI-driven test prioritization, integration with existing test frameworks, and real-time analytics for decision-making.


  • AI-Powered Testing: TestBrain uses artificial intelligence to prioritize tests, focusing on the most critical areas first. This means faster, more efficient test cycles.
  • Seamless Integration: The tool integrates smoothly with a variety of existing testing frameworks. This allows for easy adoption within current workflows.
  • Real-Time Insights: It provides real-time analytics, giving teams immediate feedback on test results and potential issues. This leads to quicker decision-making and problem-solving.


  • Learning Curve: New users might find it challenging to navigate the advanced features. This can lead to an initial productivity dip.
  • Limited Customization: There are constraints in terms of customization options for specific testing scenarios. This might not suit teams with unique testing processes.
  • Resource Intensive: The software can be resource-intensive, requiring robust hardware for optimal performance. This might be a concern for smaller teams or organizations with limited IT infrastructure.

Expert Opinion

From an expert's perspective, Appsurify TestBrain stands out in the software testing market due to its innovative use of AI for test case prioritization and its ability to integrate with numerous testing frameworks. However, its complexity and resource demands may pose challenges for some teams. It excels in environments where rapid iteration and deployment are critical, and where there's a need for intelligent test selection to streamline processes.

While it shows superior performance in optimizing test cycles and providing actionable insights, it may fall short for teams seeking highly customizable or lightweight testing solutions. In conclusion, TestBrain is best suited for medium to large software development teams prioritizing efficiency and accuracy in their testing processes.

Appsurify TestBrain: The Bottom Line

Appsurify TestBrain distinguishes itself in the realm of test automation tools with its unique focus on tackling flaky tests using machine learning. This approach is a game-changer for testing teams, especially when dealing with complex test suites across various testing types, including manual testing, web testing, web apps, and mobile apps. Its integration into DevOps workflows, notably the 'shift left' philosophy, enhances early detection of issues, promoting a more efficient development lifecycle.

TestBrain supports an array of programming languages, accommodating diverse development environments. Its cloud-based platform offers flexibility and scalability, crucial for modern software development. Additionally, its low-code and in some cases, codeless capabilities make it accessible to a broader range of users, not just those fluent in English or programming. Unique in its integration with Microsoft ecosystems and other tools, TestBrain stands out for its comprehensive approach to test runs and overall test suite management.

Appsurify TestBrain Deep Dive

Here's a deep dive into Appsurify TestBrain features, best use cases, pricing, customer support, and other purchase factors.

Product Specifications

  1. Automated Testing: Yes
  2. Cross-browser Testing: Yes
  3. Defect Tracking: Yes
  4. Integration with Test Management Tools: Yes
  5. Mobile Testing: Yes
  6. Performance Testing: Yes
  7. Real-time Reporting: Yes
  8. Regression Testing: Yes
  9. Requirement-Based Testing: Yes
  10. Risk-Based Testing: Yes
  11. Test Case Prioritization: Yes
  12. Test Data Management: Yes
  13. Test Execution Scheduling: Yes
  14. Test Scripting: Yes
  15. Usability Testing: Yes
  16. Version Control Integration: Yes
  17. Continuous Integration/Continuous Deployment (CI/CD) Integration: Yes
  18. API Testing: Yes
  19. Collaboration Tools: Yes
  20. Customizable Reporting: Yes
  21. Load Testing: Yes
  22. Security Testing: Yes
  23. Test Environment Management: Yes
  24. Virtualization: Yes
  25. AI-Driven Testing: Yes

Appsurify TestBrain Feature Overview

  • AI-Driven Testing: Appsurify TestBrain uses AI to prioritize test cases, focusing on areas most likely to be affected by recent changes. This unique approach reduces testing time and increases efficiency.
  • Risk-Based Testing: It identifies high-risk areas in the application, allowing testers to focus on potentially problematic sections, and improving the overall quality of the software.
  • Real-time Reporting: Provides instant feedback on testing results, enabling teams to make quick, informed decisions.
  • Automated Testing: Supports various forms of automated testing, streamlining the testing process and reducing manual effort.
  • Cross-browser Testing: Ensures that applications perform consistently across different browsers, which is crucial for user experience.
  • Mobile Testing: Compatible with mobile platforms, a critical feature considering the increasing use of mobile applications.
  • Performance Testing: Evaluates the performance of applications under load, an essential aspect of user experience.
  • Integration with Test Management Tools: Easily integrates with existing test management tools, making it versatile and adaptable to different workflows.
  • Continuous Integration/Continuous Deployment (CI/CD) Integration: Fits seamlessly into CI/CD pipelines, facilitating continuous testing and deployment.
  • Defect Tracking: Efficiently tracks and manages defects, ensuring they are addressed promptly and systematically.

Standout Functionality

  • AI-Driven Test Prioritization: Appsurify TestBrain's AI algorithms uniquely prioritize test cases based on risk and recent code changes, setting it apart from conventional testing tools.
  • Risk-Based Testing Approach: Its focus on identifying and addressing high-risk changes in the software is a distinctive feature that enhances the effectiveness of the testing process.
  • Real-time Analytics and Reporting: Offering immediate insights into testing results, it stands out in providing actionable data faster than many of its competitors.


Appsurify TestBrain integrates seamlessly with various software and tools, including version control systems like Git, CI/CD tools such as Jenkins, and various test management systems, enhancing its utility in diverse testing environments. It also offers a robust API, allowing for further customization and integration with other tools or systems, along with add-ons to extend its capabilities and adapt to specific project requirements.

Appsurify TestBrain Pricing

Pricing for Appsurify TestBrain is structured in tiers, tailored to different team sizes and needs:

  • Basic Plan: $/user/month (min 5 seats) - Offers core testing features, suitable for small teams.
  • Pro Plan: $/user/month (min 10 seats) - Includes advanced features like AI-driven testing, ideal for medium-sized teams.
  • Enterprise Plan: Pricing upon request - Tailored for large organizations, offering comprehensive features and support.

All pricing is billed annually. Additional costs may include a setup fee or charges for premium support services.

Ease of Use

Appsurify TestBrain, in my experience, presents a learning curve due to its advanced features and sophisticated AI algorithms. While its interface is organized, navigating through its comprehensive functionalities can be challenging for new users. The onboarding process is thorough, but the complexity of the tool requires time and effort to master.

Customer Support

The customer support for Appsurify TestBrain is competent, with responsive times and multiple channels including live chat and documentation. However, users may find the depth of technical support lacking for advanced issues or customization needs. This can be frustrating for teams requiring in-depth assistance with complex testing scenarios.

Appsurify TestBrain Use Case

Who Would Be A Good Fit For Appsurify TestBrain?

Appsurify TestBrain is ideal for medium to large software development teams and QA departments that prioritize efficiency and accuracy in their testing processes. The tool's most loyal users are those who value its AI-driven test prioritization and risk-based testing approach, particularly beneficial in agile and fast-paced development environments. It works exceptionally well for industries where rapid deployment and frequent updates are common, such as tech startups, software companies, and digital agencies.

Teams that appreciate real-time analytics and need seamless integration with existing CI/CD pipelines will find TestBrain especially useful. The tool is also a strong fit for organizations with robust IT infrastructure to support its resource-intensive nature.

Who Would Be A Bad Fit For Appsurify TestBrain?

Appsurify TestBrain might not be the best fit for small teams or individual developers due to its complexity and resource requirements. Those looking for a simple, plug-and-play testing solution might find TestBrain overwhelming. It's less suited for environments where testing needs are basic or where customization and flexibility in testing processes are a priority.

Companies with limited technical resources or those operating in non-tech industries may find the advanced features of TestBrain underutilized. Disappointed customers often stem from smaller startups or businesses that require more straightforward, less feature-rich testing solutions.

Appsurify TestBrain FAQs

What types of testing does Appsurify TestBrain support?

Appsurify TestBrain supports automated, cross-browser, mobile, performance, regression, and security testing.

Can Appsurify TestBrain integrate with existing test management tools?

Yes, it seamlessly integrates with a variety of test management tools.

Is Appsurify TestBrain suitable for small teams?

It's more tailored for medium to large teams due to its complexity and resource requirements.

Does Appsurify TestBrain offer real-time reporting?

Yes, it provides real-time analytics and reporting.

How does AI factor into Appsurify TestBrain?

AI is used for test case prioritization and risk-based testing.

Are there any industries where Appsurify TestBrain excels?

It's particularly effective in tech startups, software companies, and digital agencies.

Does Appsurify TestBrain have a steep learning curve?

Yes, due to its advanced features, there is an initial learning curve.

Does Appsurify TestBrain offer API integration?

Yes, it offers a robust API for further customization and integration.

Alternatives to Appsurify TestBrain

  • Selenium: Often compared for its automated and cross-browser testing capabilities, Selenium is a great option for teams looking for a more open-source and customizable tool.
  • TestRail: This tool is frequently considered for its user-friendly test management and reporting features, suitable for teams seeking a more straightforward interface.
  • Qase: Chosen for its modern approach to test management and collaboration, Qase is ideal for teams requiring a more collaborative and integrated testing environment.

Appsurify TestBrain Company Overview & History

Appsurify specializes in providing innovative software testing solutions, focusing on AI-driven test optimization. It is utilized by a range of companies, predominantly in the technology sector. Appsurify is a privately-owned company, with its headquarters located in the United States. While specific details about notable employees or board members are not readily available, the company is known for a team with expertise in software development and AI.

The mission statement centers around transforming the efficiency and effectiveness of software testing through AI technology. Appsurify has marked its presence in the industry with notable milestones in developing advanced AI capabilities for software testing.


In conclusion, Appsurify TestBrain offers a sophisticated, AI-driven approach to software testing that is best suited for medium to large teams in dynamic development environments. With its unique features like real-time analytics and risk-based testing, it stands out as a powerful tool for those prioritizing efficiency and precision in their testing processes. However, its complexity and resource requirements may not make it the ideal choice for smaller teams or those looking for a more straightforward solution.

I invite users to share their experiences with Appsurify TestBrain, as real-world feedback is invaluable in helping others make informed decisions about this tool.

Paulo Gardini Miguel
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