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10 Best Performance Testing Software For QA Teams In 2022

Performance testing is an essential part of the software release process. It ensures your products and web applications not only work from a functional standpoint but also perform well under real load conditions. 

The best performance testing tools help simplify the testing process. They let you create scenarios and automate them across thousands of simultaneous users. If your product passes this strenuous evaluation, you know it’s ready for real-world use. 

In this article, I’ll introduce ten of my favorite performance testing tools and highlight what makes each one so great. 

Software Shortlist 

Here’s the list of the best tools that I’ll cover in this article.

  2. Kobiton
  3. Loadster
  4. Microfocus LoadRunner
  5. TestDevLab
  6. Load Ninja (was LoadUI Pro)
  7. Sofy
  8. Tricentis NeoLoad
  9. Loadero
  10. LambdaTest

Comparison Criteria

What do I look for when I select the best performance testing tools? Here’s a summary of my evaluation criteria: 

  1. User Interface (UI): A good UI ensures the tool’s features are simple and clear, helping your team get the most from it.  
  2. Usability: Many of the tools on this list have features that make them easy to use, such as no-code script builders and automation. 
  3. Integrations: Performance testing software typically integrates with several types of tools, including IDEs, CI/CD, and project management tools.
  4. Value for $: The tools on this list come at various price points: from those suitable for small businesses to those aimed at enterprises managing multiple teams. 

Performance Testing Software Key Features

Product testing tools have many features. While exact availability depends on the tool, most will have some of the following.

  1. Load testing: Understand how your app performs in realistic conditions. See whether it can handle your anticipated traffic levels. 
  2. Functional testing: Test whether your app can perform the tasks you built it for. Check features, navigation, and spot potential errors.
  3. Automation testing: Automate mass testing. Look for the ability to configure tests, use test data, and create reports. This is an essential feature as 78% of organizations use test automation. 
  4. no-code scenario creation: Create test scenarios without using code. Look for browser plugins that let you record actions and replay them as scripts.
  5. Reporting: Detailed reporting helps you understand product performance. Some tools take screenshots or videos of errors to help you identify what went wrong. 
  6. Global servers: Look for a tool with servers in multiple areas to ensure your app works even when people connect in different countries.

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Overviews Of The 10 Best Performance Testing Software Solutions 

Here’s a brief description of each best performance testing tool to showcase each tool’s best use case, some noteworthy features, and screenshots to give a snapshot of the user interface.

1. ACCELQ – Codeless test automation platform on the cloud

accelq performance testing software screenshot
Create test scenarios in the AccelQ dashboard.

AccelQ is a codeless test automation and management platform powered by AI. It works across multiple channels, including web, mobile, API, and backend.

The tool is cloud-based which simplifies setup as you don’t have to install an IDE. Test creation is also easy, as the tool guides you through scenario creation by providing prompts at each step. There are also automation features such as AI-powered test generation. 

You can run test scenarios from within the dashboard. Choose from settings such as which OS or browsers you want to use. Once finished, the results are clearly displayed, and the tool even takes screenshots to show exactly what the users would see. 

AccelQ pricing starts at $440 per user per month when paid annually for access to web and API automation. You can contact the company for more information.  


2. Kobiton – Best performance testing software for mobile apps

kobiton performance testing software screenshot
Test your mobile app manually or automatically on hundreds of devices.

Kobiton is performance testing software for mobile apps. The tool has both real and automated testing features.

Real testing is in the form of a huge cloud library of Android and iOS devices. Choose the devices you want to use, then run your app on each one. 

Once you’ve ironed out any bugs with manual testing, you can run automated tests at scale. Just create scripts by converting one of your manual sessions into a test, which you can do without using code. 

When the automated tests discover errors, the tool provides all the data you need to fix them. For example, it will provide screenshots and information about the device the issue occurred on. 

Kobiton integrates with various tools, including IDEs like Jetbrains and Visual Studio, and project management platforms like Jira. Pricing starts at $50 per month for the startup plan, which includes 500 testing minutes. You can sign up for a free trial on the website.

3. Loadster  – Performance test platform for websites and web apps

loadster performance testing software screenshot
Deploy bots to test how your website or app performs under load.

Loadster is a test performance tool for web applications. It lets you deploy bots that simulate real users so you can test how your tool performs under load. The tool has versions for APIs, static websites, web apps, and more complex websites. 

Creating test scripts is easy. Just record sessions in your browser using the Loadster Chrome plugin, then edit the session where necessary and launch the tests. 

You can easily control test features such as increasing or decreasing load or choosing traffic from different geographical regions. The tool has data centers in 24 locations across the world. 

Loadster provides real-time metrics on data such as response times and errors. Once the test is finished you can download it into reports to share with others in your organization. At this point, you can view requests and responses at each individual step to help identify issues or bottlenecks. 

Loadster has two pricing options. The pay-as-you-go option starts at $119 for 1,000 bot hours. Monthly plans start at $399 per month. 

4. Microfocus LoadRunner – Performance load testing with autocorrelation

microfocus roadrunner performance testing software screenshot
Easily check performance by viewing test result data in the LoadRunner dashboard.

Microfocus LoadRunner is performance load testing software. The tool supports testing in over 50 technologies and application environments, including MQTT, WebSockets, Java, and SAP. You can easily create scripts using each protocol, and the tool’s Virtual User Generator lets you create, record, and correlate scripts. 

One of the key features is the auto-correlation engine. This helps you identify issues faster so you can start taking action. The tool also has emulation features that let you deploy thousands of virtual users to test how your tool performs under more significant loads. 

The tool has several built-in integrations. You can connect with ICEs, monitoring tools, and source code management software. A free community edition of LoadRunner provides access to the full product capabilities. You can sign up for this on the website. 

5. TestDevLab – Expert software testing service

testdevlab performance testing software screenshot
Use TestDevLab to hire an expert team to test software for you.

TestDevLab is a software testing service. The company has access to a team of experienced testers that can test your product on all major platforms and devices. 

One of the key products is the mobile testing services. The company will manually test your app on real devices. The service has access to over 3,000 devices from various manufacturers running different OSs.

As well as manual testing, the company can perform large-scale automated testing to see how your product performs under stress. It also offers similar services for web app, desktop, backend, and API testing. 

TestDevLab offers services that go beyond running tests. The company also provides expertise on the types of tests you should perform and industry benchmarking. It will even help you set up different types of tests. 

You can hire the service in two ways. Either hire a remote team to test your product from the TestDevLabs offices or an on-site team to come into your offices to test the software for you. 

The service doesn’t advertise pricing, but you can contact the team via the website. 

6. LoadNinja (was LoadUI Pro) – Performance testing software with script recording features

loadninja performance testing software screenshot
LoadNinja can automatically identify UI elements to make test scripting easy.

LoadNinja is easy-to-use performance testing software. It has several features that simplify the testing process, so anyone in your team can quickly create and run tests. 

The tool has play and record scripting features that record web app transactions and lets you replay them. Each event, such as mouse movements, clicks, and validations, are recorded and replayable. The tool uses AI object recognition to identify UI elements automatically  

When testing, the tool uses real browsers to ensure you get accurate results. And you get access to real-time data and metrics so you can isolate, analyze, and fix issues while tests are running. There is also a machine learning algorithm that identifies problems for you. 

The tool integrates with CI/CD plugins to help you automate continuous performance testing. Pricing starts at $239 per month and provides access to 100 virtual users and eight load hours per month. This starting price comes down to $99 per month when you pay for an annual plan.

7. Sofy – No-code test automation for mobile apps

sofy performance testing software screenshot
Run manual tests on real devices and then automate them across hundreds more.

Sofy is a no-code test automation platform for mobile apps that lets you run tests on real devices. 

Creating a test is super easy. Just choose one of the tool’s virtual devices and then manually run through the target process to define the test. You can then convert this manual test into an automated one and run it across hundreds of other devices.  

The tool’s device lab lets you test your app on many different devices from multiple manufacturers. This selection includes both iOS and Android smartphones to ensure you can test apps on different screen sizes, orientations, and OS versions. 

Once the tests finish, the tool provides insight that helps identify issues in your code. It tracks all interactions and provides data about each one, including screenshots and videos. 

You can run these tests from within the Sofy dashboard or by integrating the tools within your CI/CD. It also integrates with tools including Jira, Microsoft Teams, Jenkins, and Bitrise. The company doesn’t promote pricing, but you can sign up for a free trial or demo via the website. 

8. Tricentis NeoLoad – Continuous performance testing platform

tricentis neoload performance testing software screenshot
Tricentis integrates with all the tools dev teams use.

Tricentis NeoLoad is a tool for the continuous performance testing of everything from APIs to applications. 

It’s built for enterprises with complex testing needs. It enables continuous performance testing within any pipeline. You can use the tool across different teams even when each one uses a different approach. 

The tool has several features that make it easy to use. You can use drag and drop controls to design tests without coding, allowing more people in your business to run tests. You can also choose to run tests from over 70 locations to ensure your products work globally. 

It’s possible to track tests in real-time to start fixing issues as soon as you see them. More in-depth data is available once the test is complete. 

The tool has a huge number of integrations. It works with CI, testing, version control, performance monitoring, and SAP testing tools. You can also access the open API to connect to other business tools. 

Trecentis doesn’t advertise pricing, but you can request a demo or a free trial via the website. 

9. Loadero – Run test with thousands of users from global servers

loadero performance testing software screenshot
Easily turn performance tests into load tests with Loadero.

Loadero is cloud-based performance and load testing software. It helps ensure your product or app will work under a higher than normal load. 

You can create performance tests to simulate user behavior and see how your system handles this. Then run these tests with thousands of users from servers globally and on various browser versions. You can also turn your existing performance tests into load tests. 

A cool feature is that when configuring your test you can include different network issues. This is useful because it’s unlikely that all your users will connect to your app with perfectly running networks, which could affect performance. 

Once you’ve run tests, it will create reports and summaries that include session recordings, screenshots, and user statistics. You can view deep logs, which help you understand exactly why your app performed as it did. 

Loadero lets you run up to 100 small-scale tests for free. There is pay-as-you-go pricing that starts at $5 per month for 45-minute tests with up to 20,000 concurrent participants. The tool also offers a service where its team of engineers will create tests for you based on your needs. 

10. LambdaTest – Cross-browser performance testing tool

lambdatest performance testing software screenshot
Run tests at scale across multiple browsers with LambdaTest.

LambdaTest helps teams perform cross-browser testing on Selenium, Cypress, Appium, Hyperexecute, Playwright, and Puppeteer. It promises fast testing speeds so you can test earlier and more often, ensuring you find issues as soon as possible.

The tool has 3,000 real browsers and operating systems you can use to test apps. These run across Windows, Mac, and mobile operating systems. And you can run tests from different locations to ensure all users get a good experience. 

The tool has integrated developer tools that help you fix issues in testing. It also has an extensive integration library with plenty of tools developers use, including Jira, Slack, Jenkins, and Travis CI.  

The tool also has mobile app features; you can test apps across iOS and Android devices. 

Users get 60 minutes of live testing every month for free. Web automation testing starts at $99 per month. 

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Other Options

Here are a few more that didn’t make the top list.

  1. Test Modeller – Create and automate tests from flowcharts
  2. BrowserStack – Real device app and browser testing
  3. Gatling Enterprise – Load testing with advanced analytics
  4. Ranorex Studio – Functional test automation tool
  5. TestRail – Test process management platform
  6. Obkio – Network performance monitoring tool
  7. pCloudy – Real browser and device testing with pay as you use model
  8. Automai – Code-free robotic automation 
  9. Gatling – Load testing solution
  10. Blackfire – Application monitoring and testing platform
  11. CyberFlood – Easy to use test solution for performance and security
  12. Qualysec – QA and security testing platform
  13. Microsoft Visual Studio – IDE for .NET and C++ developers
  14. Google PageSpeed Insights – Free tool to check web page speed

What do you think about this list?

This list includes ten of the best performance testing tools on the market. The best for you will depend on your exact needs. 

Some tools are built for specific types of software, like mobile apps or web apps, and simplify testing on these devices. Others have more complex functionality and allow you to run complex tests on multiple product types. 

I recommend researching some of these options further and trying them out with a free trial or a demo. 

For more information, check out our article on the overall best software testing tools. Or if you want more insight into the world of quality assurance, sign up for The QA Lead newsletter. Every week we send out expert insight from industry leaders.

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