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What Is Autify?

Autify is a codeless software automation testing platform that creates, manages, executes, and reports on tests with a self-healing AI.

Autify was created by software engineer Ryo Chikazawa (CEO & Co-Founder) to solve what he found to be “The Universal Issue” in software development—software testing took too long, and software developers needed a way to deliver at a faster release cycle and reduce maintenance. 

The mission of Autify is to remove the test phase, starting with removing manual testing. That’s why we created an advanced AI-powered codeless end-to-end testing solution that integrates with your CI/CD pipeline.

How everything started:

  • Autify graduated from Alchemist Accelerator in 2019.
  • In July of 2019, Autify generated $2.5M funds from Global Brain, Salesforce Ventures, etc.
  • Autify officially launched In October 2019 and reached over 200 clients in 2020.
  • In 2020, Autify received the Audience Award and CTO Award at Startup Architecture of the Year 2020. 
  • In October 2021, WiL, Uncorrelated Ventures, etc. funded $10M as Series A. 

Autify is based in San Francisco, US, and it also has offices in Japan, Tokyo. 

At this moment, Autify sponsors Techwell events like Stareast and Agile + DevOps, and are involved with The Ministry of Testing, sponsoring a few TestBash events.


Who Is Autify For?

Autify is a testing platform that allows anyone in any business to create tests. Let’s go over a few use cases!

  • Enhancing QA Teams

With Autify, manual testers and QA Engineers can build more tests faster, increase coverage and reduce maintenance. Manual testers can be added to automation testing and help increase the release cycle. Automate once, test forever, do more with less, faster!

  • Developers

Developers can add to automation testing. One of the biggest issues between software development and QA teams is the understanding of the test scenarios. Developers can easily communicate test paths and build test scenarios.

  • SaaS Industry

Autify is an infrastructure SaaS testing tool, looking to enhance software development and QA. Most of our clients are in the SaaS industry, using Autify to automate web & mobile applications.

  • Any Industry

Autify is helpful for every business that has conversion paths, from sign ups, contact forms to purchasing flows, end-to-end testing needs as well as cross-browser UI testing. One of Autify’s competitive advantages is the ease to build test scenarios. Autify's AI monitors any UI changes and automatically updates the test scenario.

What Challenges Does Autify Help Solve?

  • Reduce Manual Testing

Autify believes the future of QA testing is to eliminate manual testing, and aims to enhance people’s creativity by technology. Some people think AI will take jobs away from people. We disagree. Our mission is to provide the technology that allows us, humans, to focus on creative work that only we can do. By delegating unproductive work to AI (machines), we can increase society’s productivity as a whole.

  • Reduce Maintenance

Autify’s self-healing AI detects UI changes and fixes broken scenarios. In cases it detects a change that is not obvious, it provides the step where the test scenario broke. Being able to fix your test scenarios without scripts is an advantage for agile. 

autify testimonial screenshot
Testimonial from Mr. Takahiro Yasuda, an Executive Officer, Mr. Naoki Shigetomi, a tech development leader at Logicad, and Mr. Takahiro Yoshii, a QA (Quality Assurance) manager at SMN Corporation. See story here
  • End-to-End Testing at Scale

The complexity of end-to-end testing has increased, and manual testing is often required to maintain a high quality user experience and make sure everything is working correctly. Autify allows you to create end-to-end test scenarios and provides an email testing feature that creates random emails for testing and verification.

Autify also provides custom JavaScript steps and integrations with other CI/CD tools. Anyone in your organization can create test scenarios for the entire user experience.

  • Finding Bugs Fast And Increase Feature Release Cycles

When a test fails, you receive a notification and have a snapshot of the step when the test failed. This provides a higher insight on the bug, and allows teams to communicate and identify bugs faster, solve them, and quickly continue or fix the test scenario.

What’s On The Autify’s Roadmap?

Test automation is still in its infancy, and there are countless ways to improve productivity in the software development process. To expand Autify’s capabilities and product lineup, our long-term roadmap is divided into these three phases.

  • Phase 1: Increase automation coverage
    • First, we will provide a product that can automate a greater proportion of test cases that are currently being tested manually.
  • Phase 2: Increase overall test coverage
    • Currently, test coverage varies from person to person. We will provide a product that increases the test coverage along with the automation percentage.
  • Phase 3: Eliminate test phase
    • The test phase is for verifying that all operations work as intended after development. If we can automate tests at the initial stage of development, development can be driven by tests. Once all tests pass, the software can be released without a separate test phase.

Autify’s objective is to achieve Phase 3 by 2024. To learn the details of the roadmap and upcoming features, request a meeting to learn more.

Autify Features Overview

To get an idea of how Autify works, here’s a tour of the main features and how they can help you. 

1. Cross-browser testing

Autify supports both PC and mobile browsers. This eliminates the need for managing and maintaining real devices or device farms.

autify cross browser testing screenshot
Cross browser testing in Autify.

2. Email Testing

Autify can run transition tests and check email content, such as new user registration and purchase confirmation emails. There's no need to prepare an email inbox environment just for testing.

autify email testing gif
How Autify’s email feature works.

3. JavaScript Step

You have the flexibility to customize your test cases by combining custom codes and arguments.

autify javascript step screenshot
Screenshot of Autify’s JavaScript custom step.

4. Parallel Execution

You can run multiple tests at once. The number of parallel executions can be customized based on your use case.

5. Step Group

Bundle up a set of actions into a Step Group. This handy feature is a time-saver when you perform the same actions across different Test Scenarios or when actions are repeated within a Scenario.

autify step group gif
How to use the step group function on Autify.

6. Local Replay

To make sure the test runs correctly, you can replay Test Scenarios on your browser environment when making edits

autify local replay gif
Autify’s local replay functionality.

7. Service Integration

Seamlessly integrate with services you already use. CircleCI, Jenkins, Webhook, TestRail, and Slack are all supported. We can seamlessly integrate with your CI/CD via API.

autify service integration screenshot
Autify’s Service Integration.

8. Shadow DOM

Autify supports Shadow DOM elements, which are becoming the standard in Salesforce. You can also test applications available on marketplaces such as Salesforce AppExchange.

The best way to know if Autify is a fit for your short and long-term goals would be to schedule a demo!

Autify vs Other Codeless AI-powered Software Testing Platforms  

The main competitive advantages of Autify vs competitors are the ease of use of AI technology, intuitive UI, amazing humans supporting your QA objectives, and our roadmap to eliminate the test phase. 

Autify Pricing

Autify’s pricing varies depending on your needs. We have a 14-day free trial, a $300/month no-contract starting package, special packages for startups, and our pricing model is built to scale with your business. 

Sam Ostrom
By Sam Ostrom

Sam Ostrom is Autify’s RockStar Lead Customer Success & Solutions Engineer. He studied Biotechnology but later in his career he found his passion in Software Engineering. He leads our amazing support for our clients and will work with you on your custom needs, listening and connecting requests to our product roadmap.