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Looking for some inspiration around software testing? Here are some of the most knowledgeable voices in the field. Enjoy 14 of the best software testing articles found online or in QA magazine or software testing magazines.

1. The Future of Software Testing by Angie Jones

An easy read that offers a positive and invigorated look at the future of software testing. It answers questions about where the industry is headed and what QA people need to do to be part of the growth. A great forward-thinking look from a master inventor and someone who specializes in thinking outside the box.

2. Heuristics for Mushroom Picking (and testing) by Helena Jeret-Mae

This article is a quality assurance article for everyone in the field and one of the few software testing articles that are not overbearing on the technical side but simple and to the point. An enjoyable read. The author's writing has an easy-going tone and makes reading about QA not simply something you have to do for work but something you might even enjoy.

3. Three Wishes with Aladdin’s Magic Lamp by Luke Liu

Another article that offers a positive take on software testing looks at the QA area's future and what can be in it for those in the field. It talks about professional progression in a simple way that makes the reading enjoyable and not tedious. Luke has great insight from a younger person’s perspective. Fresh and simple reading with good content about the future. 

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4. Personal Book of Positivity by David Williams

David’s focus is on mentorship and coaching that builds the QA network in a helpful and positive way. This article focuses on how to bring positivity to the QA workplace and build a team with things that go well, not just the issues that need improvement. Feedback from peers is important. David’s popular articles highlight this repeatedly.

5. Getting Product Feedback from online Communities by Rosie Sherry

Rosie gets it. Her articles are succinct and grounded. Some are 50 words and other full articles. This one is not about QA as much as it is about talking to people and understanding a product by finding out where it needs to go and what is needed to get there. Not every article has to be technical, sometimes it’s good to read up on ideas that are people-based so you know who your end-user is.

6. Crystal Ball – Automation in Ten Years Time by Richard Bradshaw

Richard’s article is more technical than some but still easy to read. It looks ahead in genuine honesty without naming products that may or may not apply to the future of testing. It is real and forward-looking without being misleading. Richard’s writings are solid and certainly worth spending time on.

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Joe has many detailed articles that are good reading if you are working in the QA world. This particular one is ideal for looking ahead and knowing what is coming in the next few years when it comes to testing. This easy to read piece gives you the trends you need to know about and how to prepare for changes that are on the way.

8. I Don’t Think That Means What You Think it Means by Keith Klain

Keith writes more technical articles but gets to the point and certainly knows what he is talking about. This article looks at improvements that can be made in metrics and how we measure quality. He also discusses testing and managing rather than solving issues. Great article that will have your QA team rethinking perspective versus reality.

9. How to Ask for Help by Alan Richardson

Help is something we often don’t know how to ask for or offer. This article articulates the best way to do it and how to get an answer that will both help and move you forward. While a little lengthy, in this article, Alan explains how QA can help people and how to get help if you are stuck and need some extra input. A great read about building community and aiding others.

10. Let’s Encourage Live Thinking by James Bach

This is an interesting software blog article that takes a peek at how it looks at the human side of testing and learning. It’s a good reminder for those in the QA industry that there should be thought and process that isn’t done by automation. That there is a need for philosophical and analytical skills in QA. A good article for those entering the field.

11. The Zero Defect Fallacy by Jeff Nyman

Jeff’s writing style is clear and realistic. This particular software article addresses the unachievable ideal of zero defects and explains why. He offers a look at real issues and how even if we see zero, we can’t prove zero. A good read for those on a team where the language of zero defects exists but needs to change.

12. Don’t Believe These 4 Customer Experience Myths by Kristel Kruustuk

Kristel wrote this article for Entrepreneur magazine and offers great practical advice for QA testing. Her focus on people as the end-user is important and practical. It is something every QA person needs to be reminded of. It can’t all be about automation.

13. What Does the Future of Software Testing Hold by Grace Barnott

This article found in the software testing magazine Software Testing News looks at where the industry is headed and what is in the works for those in the QA world. She acknowledges the upcoming challenges but looks at the positives as well as testing moves into the next decade.

14. The Testing Tool Spreadsheet Needs You by Kate Falanga

This short article sums up the necessary tools but also highlights the need for people rather than just tools when working in QA. Kate makes sure to highlight the need for both. She reaches out to the community for input to see who is using what. It is a good experiment and experience to read and work through this with peers.

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By Jason Boog

Over his 15-year career, Jason Boog has worked as a QA tester, QA analyst, and Senior QA Analyst on video games, commercial sites, and interactive web applications. He spent more than a decade building out the QA team and process as Director of Quality & Client Support at a full-service digital agency.