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On-demand test execution inside the tools you already use

In 2013, co-founders Ronald Cummings-John and Owais Peer launched Global App Testing with the sole intent to help QA and engineering teams test and release high-quality products at speed—anywhere in the world.

Global App Testing is an end-to-end functional testing solution trusted by top QA and engineering teams from the likes of Facebook, Google, Verizon, GE, Masterclass, Evernote, and iHeartMedia. With them, you can organize and execute exploratory testing, test case planning and reporting, usability testing, mobile app testing, and web app testing. 

Now, Global App Testing allows teams to test in over 189  countries with 60,000 vetted professionals using real devices in real environments.

Introducing Global App Testing’s on-demand platform

The Global App Testing on-demand platform takes an integration-first approach to testing software with the ability to integrate crowd testing directly into commonly used tools. This enables teams to scale their QA, without increasing headcount or changing current processes. As software development continues to evolve, staying ahead of the curve often means adopting next-generation QA automation tools

We enable rapid, on-demand QA to support shifting left and DevOps, allowing companies to integrate manual testing earlier in their SDLC. Put simply, our technology delivers real-time results and insights from the best testers in our crowd.

Facing challenges in aligning your Global App Testing results with your Jira dashboard? You might find a solution by switching to test management tools built for Jira.

What is the on-demand platform?

The on-demand platform from Global App Testing enables you to “Fire and Forget.” This means you can quickly and conveniently launch tests directly from within the tools you are already using, such as Jira, GitHub, Slack, TestRail, and Zephyr Squad (with the option to also launch tests from our UI, if preferred). Continue reading to discover more about our on-demand platform, its ease of use, where it’s going, and how it can be a valued asset for QA and Engineering teams. 

Global App Testing was built to help QA and engineering teams overcome quality challenges that negatively impact an app’s user experience and, consequently, customer retention and revenue. Since then, hundreds of leading brands now rely on Global App Testing’s impact-first approach to quality, allowing Agile and DevOps teams to release faster and more often.

In an effort to push the industry forward even more, Ronald and Owais are widely recognized for founding Testathon, a hackathon for Testers. Events have been held in over 50 countries alongside leading tech teams from the likes of King, Spotify, and Instagram. And finally, Ronald and Owais co-authored Leading Quality: How Great Leaders Deliver High Quality & Accelerate Growth, which was published in 2019 and soon became an Amazon bestseller. 

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Who is the on-demand platform for?

As quality is paramount for a successful product and the ever desired five star app rating, 

The on-demand platform is suited for QA teams across any sector—be that travel, entertainment, gaming, housing, eCommerce, etc. If a team is expecting a product release, Global App Testing’s platform is the tool to help ensure its success.

Testing can be launched from the platform’s UI or directly within existing tools like Jira, GitHub, TestRail, Zephyr Squad, and Slack. Integrations were at the center of the on-demand platform’s inception to provide efficiency, ease of use, and the ability for any member of a team to launch a test—all at speed. 

Testing results are received in real-time and displayed directly into your existing workflow. Once tests are launched, initial results will be received in a matter of minutes with a full set of bug reports in around 4 hours. Testing is exploratory in nature, although you can also include over 100 test cases per test run. This is useful if you want to test specific user journeys.

Your common QA challenges—solved

For many companies, lacking internal QA resources—or not having any at all—is a common challenge, which ultimately makes delivering a high-quality product even more challenging. The on-demand platform allows teams of any size to scale their QA at the click of a button by accessing Global App Testing’s community of professional testers.

Testing that interrupts existing workflows can slow teams down and delay releases. The integration capabilities of the on-demand platform serve to combat such a challenge. With the ability to both launch tests and receive results within the tools they’re already using, teams experience no disruption to their current processes. 

The on-demand roadmap

There are lots of very exciting projects in the pipeline, which we would love to share! Without giving too much of the game away, we are looking at some great new features that will further enhance the user experience. These include becoming an integration-first platform with an open API (including a deeper dive into the Microsoft ecosystem) to ensure that testing with GAT is as easy and convenient as possible. We are also working on adding more advanced targeting and configurability testing.

In terms of prioritizing, we are constantly listening to our users, gathering feedback, and monitoring demand across the industry. This allows us to identify and prioritize key areas on which to focus .

On-demand platform: key features and advantages

Testing under one roof

Launch tests and receive results directly inside your existing workflow. Without leaving the comfort of the tools you’re already using, tests can be launched and results delivered in the same tool. Test launch can also be automated through our integrations or with our API. 

Global App Tessting Launch Test Screenshot
Global App Tessting Launch Test Screenshot

Fast results

Test results are received in real-time, with initial results delivered in a matter of minutes and a full set of bug reports in around 4 hours. While testing is typically exploratory, you can also include over 100 test cases per test run.

Global App Testing Launch Test Github Screenshot
Launch tests and see results all inside GitHub.

Easy for anyone to use

Experience a simplified testing process, allowing any member of your team to launch a test. Through the on-demand platform’s integration with Slack, a dedicated channel shares test results, making the impact of QA visible to other departments across your organization.

Global App Testing Slack Screenshot
Anyone on your team can launch tests and view results in Slack - no QA skills required.

Your testing needs, covered

Depending on the type of product, its maturity and where you are in the development process, different types of testing are required. From smoke testing to regression testing, the on-demand platform can do it—all powered by our community of testers.

Global App Testing TestRail Screenshot
Launch tests and see results all inside TestRail.

Human insights

After launching a test through the on-demand platform, testers with the best skill sets in the right location with the exact device are selected to perform your test. The added bonus of crowdtesting comes with the localized insights from human feedback. These insights often help avoid language or cultural nuances that impact how products need to be tailored to that specific region to work properly. 

Global App Testing vs. Applause

Global App Testing and Applause are similar in that they both provide localized app testing, bug report/analysis, web regression testing and 24/7 global support. Global App Testing’s platform differentiates itself by providing integration support, results turnaround in under four hours and API access. 

On-demand pricing

Instant SSO access—get started on a two-week free trial right away.

For more information and insights on text execution, check this article out: LEADERSHIP IN TEST: TEST EXECUTION TOOLS



Emily Rollwitz
By Emily Rollwitz

Emily Rollwitz is a Content Marketing Executive at Global App Testing, a remote and on-demand app testing company helping top app teams deliver high-quality software, anywhere in the world. She has 5 years of experience as a marketer, spearheading lead generation campaigns and events that propels top-notch brand performance. Handling marketing of various brands, Emily has also developed a great pulse in creating fresh and engaging content.