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Coaching in Quality Assurance and Software Testing

Manage your software tests and testing teams better.

Coaching for QA Team Members

Enveloped in testing chaos? We’ll help you get back on track.​

Everyone has to start somewhere. If you’re struggling to keep your testing on track, we’ll help tackle your most common challenges and create a solid plan for moving forward in your role. You’ll get access to 2 one on one coaching sessions per month with our team of QA experts who can provide their expertise, experience, feedback, and support.

For QA Members
  • Two one on one sessions/month

Coaching For Teams​

Get your team organized with clear processes and best practices.​

If you’re struggling to keep track of what team members are working on, establish processes for important QA activities, or meet deadlines, let us help. The outside perspective of our experts can help uncover the path to success and create a solid workflow that works for your team. Your team will get access to weekly hour long coaching sessions with our QA experts and their wealth of expertise, advice, and support.

For Teams
  • Weekly hour long coaching sessions

Coaching for QA Leads & Freelancers​

Struggling with QA leadership and managing teams? We’ll steer you in the right direction.

Whether you’ve just landed your first role as a QA Lead or you’ve been leading teams for years, we can help you set your team up for success and put testing processes and standards in place to tame the chaos. You’ll get access to hour long coaching sessions each week, provided by our expert QA team. They can offer invaluable knowledge, expertise, and ongoing support to QA professionals.

QA Leads & Freelancers​
  • Weekly hour long coaching sessions

The QA Lead Can Help!

The QA Lead offers coaching and ongoing support for leaders and managers in the QA space that want to build skills, boost confidence, and lead testing teams along the road to better software.

Our team of QA experts is here to offer their guidance, advice, and experiences as you work through the challenges of your role, and help you create tangible solutions.

Meet Our Team Of QA Experts

Asset 11@3x

Jonathon Wright

CTO (Digital-Assured), MIT COVID Path Check , (Host), President (Vivit-Worldwide), BCS SIGiST, TED Speaker, Author, DevOps, RPA, Automation, Performance.

Asset 10@3x

Paul Gerrard

Eminent Software Consultant, Author, Teacher, and Coach

Asset 9@3x

Giles Lindsay

Chief Technology Officer, VP Engineering, Interim, Business Agility Coach, Keynote Speaker, Conference Chair

Asset 12@3x

Mike Harris

Tester for Geckoboard. He has been a member of a test team, a Solo Tester and a Test Lead.

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