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If you work in the field of quality assurance, you should consider attending a conference to broaden your learning and hone your skills. Joining the conference scene helps you meet your professional aspirations as well as keeping you up to speed on all the newest tools and technology that are influencing your business world. Searching for the top technology events to attend in 2020? Check out these top ten QA Conferences you might find enjoyable and professionally beneficial. 

Top QA Conferences in 2020

Test Academy Barcelona

What Makes This Conference Unique?

The masterclasses of the conference offer a depth of knowledge you won’t find elsewhere. 

Who Should Attend And Why?

This conference is for those in the QA testing area of software development, especially for managers who want to further their knowledge and build their teams. 

This one is scheduled for January 30, 2020, in Barcelona, Spain. They bring in experts to teach and share about the software testing community. It offers eight masterclasses, including speakers Almundena Vivanco, an engineer who works on high traffic and availability with online portals and Ash Winter, an independent tester and speaker. Tickets are approximately $250 US. 

Agile Testing and Test Automation Summit

What Makes This Conference Unique?

A focus on best practices and new tools makes this the go-to conference for new trends for a new QA.

Who Should Attend And Why?

This conference is for those who want to make sure their QA skills are the best they can be. Bringing your QA team will allow you to be up to date and on the same page. 

It takes place on February 6, 2020, in Chicago Illinois. This software test conference is for those looking to stay at the forefront of the testing industry. It focuses on best practices as well as the newest tools and techniques to make sure you achieve the best test automation. Join speakers Ross Smith, Director at Skype, Ken Johnston from Microsoft, and many others to look at the newest of the new. Tickets start at $409 US with some lower prices for group buys. 

Discover what’s new in the QA world.

Discover what’s new in the QA world.

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ICSTM 2020:14 International Conference on Software Testing Methods

What Makes This Conference Unique?

This software conference can help move the QA industry forward. It’s the place to talk, discuss, and analyze how the industry is progressing. 

Who Should Attend And Why?

Academics and those who are top in the field of QA will appreciate the discussions, presentations, and debates around the field’s issues and applications. 

This year, it’s happening on March 12 and 13 in Miami, Florida. This software testing conference brings together people who are leaders in the field from around the world. Those who want to focus on innovations, trends, and practical issues around software testing will be there. Ticket prices range from $280 -500 USD 

Test Academy Valencia

What Makes This Conference Unique?

Specialized masterclasses offer attendees depth of knowledge through qualified speakers. 

Who Should Attend And Why?

This conference is designated for those who work in QA testing of software development. It is especially for managers who wish to increase their knowledge base. 

This one is scheduled for March 4, 2020, in Valencia, Spain and brings in specialists to instruct around topics affecting the software testing community. The conference offers eight masterclasses, including speakers Ard Kramer, a software tester and engineer and Albert Tort, a specialist in QA testing and engineering. Tickets are approximately $130 US. 

CST 2020 - IEEE International Conference on Software Testing, Verification and Validation

What Makes This Conference Unique?

The conference offers time for discussion and debate around current trends. 

Who Should Attend And Why?

It’s for academics as well as practitioners to discuss theoretical and practical applications - a great way to be part of the upcoming trends. 

This conference is from March 23 to 27, 2020 in Porto Portugal. It features a forum for international researchers, engineers, and practitioners to present and discuss the latest findings, developments, and applications for software testing, verification, and validation. Keynotes will be Elvira Albert, Fanjo Ivancic, along with various paper discussions. Tickets range from $140 to $1030 US, depending on the package. 

The QA Financial Forum Chicago 2020

What Makes This Conference Unique?

A good conference that focuses on the practical aspects of QA in a specialized industry. 

Who Should Attend And Why?

This is a perfect conference for those who are head of QA and team leaders in the banking, trading, and insurance industry. Leads can implement findings with their teams. 

If you want to attend, plan for April 1, 2020 in Chicago, Illinois. This is a great quality conference for Heads of QA, testing, risk, and IT risk management. It focuses on the banking industry, trading platforms, and insurance, which is a high target platform. Tickets range from $750 to $1500 US.

International Conference on Software Maintenance and System Testing ICSMST

What Makes This Conference Unique?

The focus on innovation and trends is particularly helpful as the industry continues to shift. 

Who Should Attend And Why?

Academics and industry leaders who want to understand what is ahead in the industry should attend so their QA teams can be prepared. 

The conference is in Toronto, Canada on July 16 and 17, 2020. It brings together leaders of the software maintenance industry to share and discuss research results. There is a focus on recent innovations and trends. 

Test and Quality Summit

April 29, 2020 - What Makes This Conference Unique?

This conference looks at fresh ideas and concepts, not just the trends of AI and security.

Who Should Attend And Why?

Those who are new to the industry or those who want to make some significant jumps with their QA teams should consider attending this conference.

The Test and Quality Summit is in Dublin, Ireland. This is a test automation conference full of new ideas, innovations, and outside the box thinking when it comes to software testing. The focus is on trends and new topics that look at AI and security. Join Ian Howles from IBM, Vipul Kocher of, and other speakers on testing and QA issues will be there. Tickets range from $170 US an up, depending on packages. 

Star West

What Makes This Conference Unique?

The conference’s large size means there are many opportunities that smaller conferences can’t offer. This is a great networking situation. 

Who Should Attend And Why?

A good QA testing conference for all levels of QA workers, this conference allows for networking and learning for all. 

Star West is in Anaheim, California from October 4 to 9, 2020. It focuses on software testing and QA and is one of the larger conferences with over 100 learning and networking chances. It covers hot topics and innovative technology. Speakers such as Angie Jones from Applitools focused on test automation, Ken Johnston Director at Microsoft, and many more will highlight the trends and tricks of the trade for those work in QA and specifically the testing side of the industry. Ticket prices range from $695 to $4245 US with variations on price depending on your choice of days, workshops, and keynotes. 

APOST 2020 - Theory and Practice of Software Testing

What Makes This Conference Unique?

This conference has global input of both workers and academics - an ideal blend of perspectives.

Who Should Attend And Why?

Anyone who wants to network globally should try to attend. It’s a solid learning experience with options to see what is happening everywhere, not just in your national industry. 

This one is taking place in Riga, Latvia sometime in October 2020. It’s an international quality assurance conference that is for QA testing pros from all over the world to network and share regarding software testing for the industry. This conference takes industry first. Prices for 2020 will be released when the dates are set as will the speaker list. 

Final Thoughts

There are factors to look at when deciding to attend a QA conference. Will attending a conference really benefit your day to day activities? Do you have a specific issue or focus you want to learn about or have discussions over? If you have questions about good conferences to attend, try The QA Lead. Subscribe to our newsletter to keep in the loop.

This QA community helps lead your QA team and keep up with the best conferences in software testing and QA issues and processes. We can help you explore the newest and best automation and testing across the software industry and learn and share the tricks of the trade and any tips you may have.

By Jason Boog

Over his 15-year career, Jason Boog has worked as a QA tester, QA analyst, and Senior QA Analyst on video games, commercial sites, and interactive web applications. He spent more than a decade building out the QA team and process as Director of Quality & Client Support at a full-service digital agency.