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A supportive community leading change in tech and testing. Our mission is to save the world from bad testing, one bug at a time, and we help each other when we get stuck.

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The QA Lead Membership

We exist to help you become a better leader of technology, quality and teams.

The QA Lead Membership is a community for technology leaders and quality engineers. We provide an opportunity to connect and develop personally and professionally with experienced leaders of technology, quality and teams.
We’re passionate about quality and exist to equip you with the resources and support to save the world from bad software. For experienced quality pros, who’ve been there and done that, this is a place for you to give, share, and continue to learn, and grow.



A global network of Tech Leaders and Quality Engineers

Now, more than ever, technology leaders and quality engineers need to work together to share best practice, support and mentor each other, and share ideas from around the world.

Build direct and meaningful connections

Our primary focus is on building direct and meaningful connections between members that last a lifetime.

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  • Ask questions, get answers;
  • Connect with others who get what you do;
  • Easy access to jobs, tools, and resources.

Boost Your Career With Masterminds

  • Fresh insights on your processes & best practice;
  • Powerful career accountability;
  • Peer mentorship to tackle your big challenges.

Who we are

The words “teach” and “engineering” don’t have to be in your job title at all — Membership is a supportive space for anyone who works in tech and quality and is passionate about creating great software. We are:


Get equipped with the resources and support you need to save the world from bad software!

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